Sunday, June 12, 2011

Where to begin

Many families and individuals change their diets for a multitude of reasons. For our family it was a news report that stated Staph Bacteria was found in over 40% of the meat at local supermarkets here in Los Angeles.The change for our family would be to a kitchen filled with all organic ingredients from which we would cook our food with now on.
As a family we had already been pretty conscious of what we ate. We ate almost all of our meals at home, dining out maybe twice a month at most on average. I had been to culinary school and knew a thing or two about food and technique so it was natural for me to prepare all of our meals at home where we could have complete control over what we ate. It's not that we are militant about any one type of food or other, it was simply that we enjoyed food prepared in our home more than in a restaurant.
Now that we are about three months into this new diet there have been many changes in how we eat and how we think about our food and their respective sources. It wasn't easy, but we got our daily food bill for two adults and two children, three meals a day and snacks (kids eat a lot !) down to under $30 a day. This also on occassion includes some things like paper towels and soap which could easily burn up that whole $30 in an instant. As a natural bi product, eating this way has also effortlessly changed some of our spending habits and consumption habits by realizing that at times, we are consuming just way too much for no good reason whatsoever.
So I would like to dedicate this blog to helping people understand why they should consider a set of rules when it comes to what they eat. I'm not asking you to eat raw food, go on a two week master cleanse, give up the devils white sugar, or even become a vegan. All I'm asking is that you give it a try. Be more aware of what you are eating and what you are feeding your family. Start adding organic ingredients into your kitchen. Ask yourself where did this food come from ? Who grew it?  Is there a single component in the ingredient list that has even actually grown in a field of soil ? Can this food hurt me if I keep eating it at the rate I am eating it ? More to come.....