Tuesday, June 14, 2011

When you open your cupboard.....

When you open your cupboards or fridge, whats in there ? Are you proud of whats in there ? If we all actually lived by the proverb "you are what you eat", would you be happy with yourself ?
Chances are if you thought about it for a moment you wouldn't be. So let's take a moment to look in our cupboards and see whats in there.

There can be some very simple changes made towards an organic movement in your life that we tend to overlook at first. I think that when people first think about the term organic and how it applies to the food that they are able to readily purchase, the first thing that comes to mind is the fresh produce. Fruits and vegetables so far have taken the limelight when it comes to the household Organic ingredient list and sometimes the prices can be alarming to say the least. This can be really discouraging to someone who is interested in making the move to Organic. It doesn't leave a good impression and has made many a instant critic of it all.

So let's overlook the fresh produce for a moment and take a look at the dry goods in your kitchen. For our family these include things like sugar, flour, rice, oatmeal, quinoa, asst. beans, spices, cereals, etc. These items are really the building blocks for just about all of our meals as well as yours. Even if you are eating out a lot, or buying ready to eat meals, these ingredients are essentially still the foundation to finishing touch for the food on your plate. Just like fresh fruits and vegetables, dry goods are grown in some type of a field, paddy, or grove before they are processed into the final product ready for market. This is why they are equally as important to be Organic as the "fresh" produce that we buy.

Another reason to focus on the dry goods is that it's really the easiest area to take control of first. The dry goods in our kitchen last for weeks at a time, so resupplying them is easy. Start with the flour and sugar then move to grains and cereals and so on. When you buy it in bulk and put it in your own reusable glass container it will probably be cheaper than buying the paper sack of conventional flour or sugar anyhow. I guarantee it will also taste better and make a far superior final product. After looking around for glass containers, I found that the best price and styles offered for glass containers come from IKEA.

So there you have it, by simply replacing some dry goods in your kitchen for the same price if not cheaper, you have already made some huge changes in your diet, in your life, and for the environment.